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The Introduction of Jump Starter

The Introduction of Jump Starter

The car emergency starting power supply is a multi functional portable mobile power supply developed for car lovers and business people who drive. Its special function is to start the car when the car is out of power or unable to start the car for other reasons. At the same time, the air pump is combined with emergency power supply, outdoor lighting and other functions, which is one of the must-have products for outdoor travel.
The design concept of the car emergency starter power supply is easy to operate, easy to carry, and able to deal with various emergency situations. At present, there are mainly two types of emergency starting power sources for automobiles on the market, one is lead-acid battery, and the other is lithium polymer.
The lead acid battery type of automotive emergency starting power supply is more traditional, using a maintenance free lead acid battery, which is large in quality and volume, and the corresponding battery capacity and starting current will also be relatively large. Such products are generally equipped with an air pump, and also have functions such as overcurrent, overload, overcharge and reverse connection indication protection, which can charge various electronic products, and some products also have functions such as inverters.
Lithium polymer car emergency starter power supply is relatively trendy, and it is a recent product. It is light in weight and small in size, and can be mastered by one hand. Such products are generally not equipped with an air pump, have an overcharge shutdown function, and have a relatively powerful lighting function, which can supply power to various electronic products. The lighting of such products generally has the function of flashing or SOS remote LED rescue signal light, which is more practical.
Life application
Car: There are many kinds of starting car currents for lead-acid batteries, the approximate range is 350-1000 amps, and the maximum current for lithium polymer starting cars should be 300-400 amps. In order to provide convenience, the car emergency starting power supply is compact, portable and durable. It is a good helper for the emergency starting of the car. It can provide auxiliary starting power for most vehicles and a small number of boats, and can also be used as a portable 12V DC power supply. to be used locally or in an emergency.
Notebook: The multi-functional car emergency start-up power supply has a 19V voltage output, which can provide a stable power supply voltage for the notebook, ensuring that some business people go out and the battery life function of the notebook will reduce the impact on work. Generally speaking, the 12000mAh polymer battery should be able to Provides 240 minutes of battery life for the notebook.
Mobile phone: The car start-up power supply is also equipped with a 5V power output, which more supports the battery life of mobile phones, PAD, MP3 and other entertainment devices.
Inflation: Equipped with an air pump and three kinds of air nozzles, it can inflate car tires, inflation valves, and various balls.

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