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You Need To Know Before Buying A Jump Starter

You Need To Know Before Buying A Jump Starter

  • by JFEGWO

Perhaps, you ended up on this page looking for the best jump starter with an air compressor because you don’t know what is the difference between various devices in this category.

If yes, let me first explain to you what a jump starter with an air compressor is. These two units can jump start the engine of your vehicle and inflate car tires. Imagine that your car is stalled on the side of the road. At this moment, you remember you have a jump starter and air compressor in your trunk and get relieved.

Most compressor starters have a lead acid battery, but there are also ones with lithium batteries. Lithium starters are usually more compact and capable of delivering a fairly large amount of power, but they often only work well with a charged battery and can provide enough current just for a few seconds. If the battery is completely discharged, it may not work. One of the main drawbacks of lithium batteries is the mediocre compressor performance compared to lead acid ones. At the same time, lithium is a more expensive option compared to lead acid. There is a full guide of what kind of jump starter to choose.


Buyers Guide


How many amps do I need to jump start my car with the jump starter air compressor combo?

As you probably know, different vehicles have varying engine sizes. Due to this fact, the battery jumper that can be successfully used to jump start a saloon car might not be suitable to jump start an SUV. The main thing you should know is that the required amps to start most vehicles’ engines is 400 amps. One more fact you have to be aware of is that diesel engines need more amps to start than petrol ones. Moreover, diesel engines are usually used in bigger vehicles (e.g., tractors, industrial machines), which means higher amps are needed.

Many of the jump starters could work well in any weather. However, cars do get affected by the season and temperature. Being more precise, the weather affects the required amps needed to jump-start a certain vehicle. For example, on hot days, a 2.0L petrol engine requires about 60-200 amps, but when it is getting colder, the number of required amps might double.


What is PSI in a jump starter with an air compressor?

You saw these three letters many times in my review. But perhaps you don’t know what exactly they mean. Here, I’m going to tell you. The abbreviation PSI stands for Pounds per Square Inch. This term defines how many pounds of pressure (force) is in an area, specifically in one square inch. The force I’m talking about is what gives compressed air its power.


How to use a jump box with a compressor on your flat tire?

There are many things you need to know before to start using a compressor on your flat tire. I’m going to focus on the most important aspects. First of all, you have to find out your tire pressure. As a rule, construction vehicles require a minimum 100 PSI in each tire. You can find this information about your vehicle in its manual.

Another suggestion I’m gonna give you is to get your tires ready before connecting a jump starter to them. When you remove the tire cap to use the compressor, do it as quickly as possible because even in a minute, some of the remaining air can escape.

If the compressor does not have an automatic pressure control, don’t leave it while it is running, as you do not want the tires to inflate too much. If too much air was added, push down on the gauge to release some of the air.


What is a power inverter in a battery booster pack, and why do I need one?

Let me clear up what a power inverter in a battery booster pack is. This device is able to turn your vehicle battery’s direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). AC is the kind of electricity you have in outlets in your house.

If you have a modern jump box, you can use it for charging practically any device. Most models come with a USB input, which allows you to connect it with your phone, tablet, and many other gadgets easily. However, if you want to charge some larger devices and electronics with proper plugs, you’ll need an inverter. Moreover, the converters turn currents to a type safe for use in vehicles. In this way, such a device will provide safe jump starting of your car.

Power inverters are incredibly helpful if you are setting up a solar power system – they are able to convert energy from the sun into electricity. Many of such appliances come with USB outlets, which allow you to charge different gadgets on the road without having to carry around adaptors and large plugs.


JF.EGWO 2000 – smallest (Lithium)

You are going to be surprised by the features of JF.EGWO 2000, which is the best portable jump starter and air compressor. Tire pressure gauge and 100PSI air pump guarantee that you will be able to keep tires at full inflation every day. The device comes with four air inflation adapters. It allows you to use it to inflate car tires, bikes, air beds, and sports balls. You will be aware of all the processes the device is performing thanks to the LCD HD Screen. Using it, you can also set your desired pressure with ease. I have to mention that JF.EGWO 2000 works properly even in the case of a cold season.

With this jump starter air compressor combo, you will also get a power bank 20000 mAh li-ion recharger battery. By the way, JF.EGWO 2000 can charge all types of 5V USB devices with fantastic speed! The next thing I want to draw your attention to is the camping and urgency light that this model has. To be more precise, it is built-in two LED lights with three different modes available: lighting, flash, and SOS. An interesting fact: the LED lights work for more than 120 hours after a full charge.



  • Equipped with an easy-to-read power indicator
  • Two built-in USB ports can give you enough power (2.1A) to charge iPad, iPhone, and all kinds of smartphones
  • Perfect size and weight for carrying it around (6 x 5 x 3 inch, 2.9 pounds)


  • Comes with a flimsy case, barely large enough to contain the unit


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