The Features of Jump Starters

At present, there are the following types of emergency starting power sources in the world, but no matter which type they are, they all have higher requirements on the discharge rate. For example, the current of lead-acid batteries of electric bicycles and lithium batteries of mobile phone charging treasures is far from enough to start the car.

  1. Lead acid:
  2. Traditional flat lead-acid batteries: the advantages are cheap, extensive and durable, and high temperature safety; the disadvantages are bulky, frequent charging and maintenance, dilute sulfuric acid is easy to leak or dry out, and it cannot be used at low temperatures below 0 °C.
  3. Winding battery: the advantage is that it is cheap, small and portable, safe at high temperature, can be used at low temperature below -10 °C, simple maintenance, and long life; the disadvantage is that it is relatively large in volume and weight, and has fewer functions than lithium batteries.
  4. Lithium ion:
  5. Polymer lithium cobalt oxide battery: the advantages are small, beautiful, multi-functional, portable, and long standby time; the disadvantage is that it will explode at high temperature, cannot be used at low temperature, complex protection circuit, cannot be overloaded, small capacity, and high-quality products are expensive.
  6. Lithium iron phosphate battery: the advantages are small and portable, beautiful, long standby time, long life, higher temperature resistance than polymer batteries, and can be used at low temperature below -10 °C; the disadvantage is that high temperature above 70 °C is unsafe, and the protection circuit is complex, The capacity is smaller than that of wound batteries and the price is more expensive than that of polymer batteries.
  7. Capacitors:

Supercapacitors: the advantages are small and portable, the discharge current is large, the charging is fast, and the life is long;The disadvantage is that the high temperature above 70 ℃ is unsafe, the protection circuit is complex, the capacity is the smallest, and the price is extremely expensive.


The characteristics of the jump starters

  1. The car emergency start power supply can fire all cars with 12V battery output, but the applicable product range of cars with different displacements will be different, and can provide services such as field emergency rescue;

Car emergency start power supply LTSDY

Car emergency start power supply LTSDY

  1. Standard LED super bright white light, flashing warning light, and SOS signal light, a good helper for travel;
  2. The car emergency start power supply not only supports the emergency start of the car, but also supports a variety of outputs, including 5V output (supporting various mobile phones and other mobile products), 12V output (supporting routers and other products), 19V output (supporting most notebook computer products) ), increasing the wide range of applications in life;
  3. The car emergency starting power supply has built-in maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, and also has high-performance polymer lithium-ion batteries, with a wide range of choices;
  4. The lithium-ion polymer car emergency start-up power supply has a long service life, the charge-discharge cycle can reach more than 500 times, and the car can be started 20 times when fully charged (the power shows 5 bars) (the author uses this, not all brands);
  5. The lead-acid battery emergency starting power supply is equipped with an air pump with a pressure of 120PSI, which can be easily inflated.
  6. Special instructions: Lithium-ion polymer emergency start power supply power display needs to be more than 3 grids before the car can be ignited, so as to avoid burning out the car emergency start power host. Just remember to charge it.

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