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JF.EGWO ORIG 1000amp Jump Starter Review-Reproduced

JF.EGWO ORIG 1000amp Jump Starter Review-Reproduced

The JF.EGWO orig 1000amp jump starter with a 100-psi air compressor which can fit into the glove box. With the unmissable weight of 2.9 pounds, this is by far the most portable and practical jump starter that you will ever see.

With a starting power of 350 amps and a peak of 1000, it is very decent for the size. It has a built-in inflation hose, so you don’t have to carry a tire pump separately, and it also comes with four different needles that take its versatility to a whole other level.

Another thing that has not been forgotten when creating this device is light; that’s why it comes with three different modes of light; illumination, SOS, and warning, which, after a full charge, can last you 120 hours.

It enjoys the benefit of USB charging ports and flashlights. In such a small space overheating is a serious risk. The good news is that it was not overlooked by the manufacturers of this device. Consequently, it was equipped with advanced technologies to prevent mishaps such as overheating, overcharging, short circuits, and anything that might endanger the user.

One less thing is that the intelligent detective function puts the device into sleep automatically when not in use to save you as much power as possible.



  1.  Powerful; 7 minutes charge-up

  2.  Safe

  3.  Sleep mode

  4.  USB ports

  5.  LED Light; 3 modes

  6.  Light

  7.  Practical




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  • I just purchased my first product and I’m really excited about using it. The cost was good and it’s so versatile too- I’ll be able to air up my bike tires when biking now for the first time not by hand.
    It does give me some encouragement to have a means to start a car or fill up a flat in the cold Montana Winters- these things are just eventualities.

     Quinton Holmlund

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