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How to Buy the Most Suitable Jump Starter with an Air Compressor

How to Buy the Most Suitable Jump Starter with an Air Compressor

  • by JFEGWO

When you are looking for an ideal jump starter with a built-in air compressor, Are you confusing what kinds of product criteria you need to know?

So, how can you scout them in order to reach the perfect fit for your very own needs? If you’re going to embark on this journey of finding the ideal jump starter, then there are specific criteria that you ought to keep in mind.

1. Amps
Amps are the essence of any jump starter. They decide how much power is going to come out from the device and go into your battery. Hence, the very first step to purchasing this tool is to check the power needed by your battery and decide upon how you will proceed. Generally speaking, the Amps provided by the product is safer than the Amps of your battery.

One thing that you have to know is that higher amps mean a shorter life cycle and vice versa. Therefore you have to do your best to find just the right balance between the power you’ll need and how long you hope to keep your newest purchase.

2. Size
The size will not be a problem if you intend to keep your jump starter in your garage or workshop. However, you must always be prepared for the fact that you might need it on the go. If you decide to go with a bigger jump starter, then it’s going to take a lot of precious space from your trunk.

That might prove to be a hindrance; hence whether you want your device to be a truck jump starter with an air compressor or a small car jump starter, always try to keep to moderate sizes and weights for your own comfort.

3. Chords
There is a minimum length for the chords that accompany your jump starter. Always check that the provided chords are above that length and go for the longest ones possible. You will not regret it but would undoubtedly regret neglecting to check them and ending-up with very short chords that will have you bent over your car in an extremely uncomfortable position till your battery is charged.

4. Clamps
Handling any sort of electricity is always dangerous; therefore, always try to go for the best quality clamps possible to avoid shocks that can harm you significantly. If you are going to spend on something, then your safety must be paramount. Now, there are heavily insulated clamps that offer you maximum protection.

5. Build Quality
Anything that goes into your car or your trunk will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. We can’t really compare a jump starter to a portable charger as the first stays in your trunk, hitting the car on the inside with every road pump while the latter stays in your drawer or backpack. Consequently, the body must be built for tolerance as to not waste your money.

6. Safety Measures
As mentioned before, electricity can be quite dangerous; therefore, always keep an eye out for the biggest package of safety features possible. Minimally, you should have a short circuit or, even better, overcurrent protection, which is a safer option for you and a better choice for your car and battery.

7. PSI
Since you are here, then you are looking for a jump starter with an air compressor, so if possible, try to go for a higher psi because it will save you when you need to inflate something else rather than your car tires.

Car tires can be inflated at 30-60 psi, but other things such as motorcycles and bicycles will need higher psi than that, so it’s up to you to afford yourself the variety that comes with the higher psi. One more thing is that higher psi will reduce the time needed for you to inflate your fallen tire.

8. Extras
Just like any other product on the market, there are some extra features that companies input to add some more shine and luster to their products

8.1 Lights
LED lights can offer you significant comfort, and for some people, safety when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with a stalled battery. So, if you can, of course, go for a jump starter that can offer you some lights.

8.2 Charging
Charging your phone, headphones, and, perhaps, a camera can be essential to some people. That’s why companies have decided to offer them the option of charging not only the batteries of their vehicles but those of their everyday life devices as well through inputting USB ports.

Final Thoughts
Jumpstarters with an air compressor will never prove as a waste of money with the market now offering products that claim to be 5-in-1 jump starters and 8-in-1 jump starters with air compressors. You can’t really go wrong with purchasing such a versatile device.

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