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Why doesn't the jump starter activate when I press the ON button?

It's because it is running out of power; please use the A/C charger or car charger to recharge it. We suggest you fully charge the item every 3 months if it hasn't been used. And charge after each use.

How to turn off the jumper?

The jumper starter has intelligent-detective function. When it is not working or it has been finished charging, it will automatically enter sleep mode to save power.

Why do air hose and articles heat up during inflation?

When the compressor is working, it is reasonable to become heated. It will gradually cool down after finishing working. Stop in every 10 minutes to cool down for 5 minutes.

Can the item be used for inflating large truck tires?

Not suitable for large trucks and heavy vehicles(except for 4000A model); it is for the household car only. Please check the reference pressure on the wheel tires before use.

I have finished using the air compressor, but why is the display screen still on?

The display screen will automatically shut off in three minutes, or you can press the power button for 3 seconds to turn it off.

When I am using the LED light, and turn on the air compressor, the LED lights flash suddenly, why?

Because the LED light and air compressor share the same power button. You can press the power button twice to turn off the light, and then long press the button to switch back to lighting mode.

Why doesn't the jumper start my car?

Please make sure that the power of the jumper is 50% or more, if not, charge the jumper and try again. In the winter, due to low temperature, you may need to try to start the car multiple times, but don't use more than five times; more than five times may damage the product. The jumper is only suitable for household cars, not for large trucks. If the problem still exists, please email us, we will help you solve it.

Why does the power display of the item rise or fall very quickly? For example, from 100% soon drops to 75%?

The item uses 5-segment display to mark the power level, which means it will only show 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% on the screen according to actual remaining power. For example, the actual current power is 80%, which display: 100%; after a short period of use, the real power becomes 79% and the screen display will drop to 75%.

It is not easy to press the air compressor's setting button, what should I do?

We suggest that you can press it from another angle or place your finger in another direction, it will be easier.

When I connect the air compressor to the tire and switch on, nothing happens?

It is because the air pressure is higher or almost the same as the air compressor's preset pressure, such as the tire's is 40PSI, but the air compressor's preset pressure is 35PSI, so the air compressor will not work. Please refer to page 7-Introduction of Air Compressor.

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