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1.Can l ues the unit to jump start my yacht,mower or other battery-equipped items?

Yes. As long as your item is 12V battery-equipped, the unit is capable of jump starting it.

2.Why doesn’t the jump start my car?

Please make sure charge is 50% or more, if not, charge the jumper and try again. In the winter, due to low temperature you may need to try several times more, but please note that don't start continuously more than five times, otherwise it may damage the product. This product is only compatible with 12V batteries. If you still cannot start your car, please check if there is starting malfunction on the vehicle.

3.Why cann’t l start the car with 75% power?

If the car comes with a battery, it means that the starting current is not enough, please replace the starter with stronger power.

4.The starter explodes,catches fire,melts and produces a lot of smoke when used in cold weather.

It may be that the two clamps touched with each other, or attach the clamps to the wrong side (Make sure red to "+", black to "-").

5.The unit start to smoke when starting car and burns.

Please make sure charge is 50% or more,and check whether the clamps is used correctly, and the interface is clean or not. It may also be that the unit does not match the car model, or the car is hard to start even with a strter.

6.Fully charged but showa no power when using,not working.

Circuit board problem and maybe need to replace the product.


1.Can I use the unit to jump start my yacht, mower or other battery-equipped items?

Probably it has run out of power; please recharge it with A/C charger or car charger. We suggest you fully charge the item every 3 months if it hasn't been used.

2.Can the item be used for inflating large truck tires?

The unit is not compatible with inflating large trucks' and heavy vehicles'tires; it is capable of pumping household cars only.

3.When I connect the air compressor to the tire and switch on, nothing happens?

It could be the current pressure of the tire is higher than or equal to the settingpressure. For instance, the tire's current pressure is 40PSI but the setting is 35PSI, the air compressor will not work under this situation.

4.What size tire is suitable for inflation?

Please check the tire label. The unit can inflate tires at less than 255 wide/R19 wheel diameter at any aspect ratio.

5.I understand that the unit will turn itself on and off because of its overheating protection, but I want it to run longer. What should I do?

You can flip the switch to turn it off the after the unit stops automatically. Wait 10 minutes or more to cool the unit down before restarting manually, and the unit will continue to run for a longer time.

6.Why does the unit stop automatically during inflation?

1) The size of your tires exceed the unit's pumping range; 2) To prevent overheating, the Over-Temperature Control automatically shuts the unit off when it gets too hot. After a few minutes, it will restart and run until it has reached the preset tire pressure.

7.The unit has been used for several months and cannot inflate the tire, the digital screen shows 0.

Do not set the pressure more than the maximum, otherwise the digital screen will be damaged.

8.When using air compressor to pump tires, why do I need to stop in every 10 minutes to cool down the inflation for 5 minutes?

Main reason is when air compressor is working the cylinder will generate a great deal of heat, if keeping the air compressor working for over 10 minutes, it may shorten the unit's life-span and increase the risk of damage.

9.Can I use the unit to pump other infiatables, such as a kayak, air mattress, toys, etc.?

Yes. It comes with 4 nozzle attachments with which you can pump up many other inflatables conveniently.

10.Why does my air compressor gauge stop at a certain number rather than 0 after use?

Please check to see if the air tube has been removed. If it still won't return to zero, the product may be defective.


1.Can I charge for my phone while the unit is being charged?

Yes, Our theme is fully compatible and supports Sections on every page.

2.Why does the power display rise or fall rapidly? For example, it jumps from 100% and drops to 75%.

The item uses a 5-segment display to mark the power level, which means it will show only 25% (flashing), 25%, 50%,75%, and 100%, according to its actual power. When it's between 75% and 100%, it displays 100%, but between 50%-75% it shows 75%. For example, if the charge is 76%, it displays 100%. After being used for a short while, the actual power drops to 74%. Then the display will show 75%.

3.Why can't I recharge the unit?

First, please note that if you recharge the unit properly, "IN" will flash on the power screen. If not, it means the unit or the charger adapter is malfunctioning. We suggest you use another AC adapter or a car charger to exclude other factors.

4.The power screen shows 100%, and it turn to blank after removing the charger,plug the charger back it shows 25%.

Maybe there is a problem with the lithium battery protection, or there is a short circuit in other ports on the motherboard.


1.Can I charge my iPad, iPhone and other electronic devices with the unit?

Yes. The two USB ports can charge any of your 5V devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc. You can use two USB at the same time.

2.Can I charge devices with USB ports when the unit is being charged?

No. It is prohibited to use any functions when the unit is being charged. Please recharge the unit before use if it has run out of power.


1.How to turn on the LED lights?

Long press the power button to turn on the lights. Press the button once at a time to select "strobe mode," "SOS mode," or to turn off the lights.


1.Why isn't the jump starter switched on when I press the ON button?

Probably it has run out of power; please recharge it with A/C charger or car charger. We suggest you fully charge the item every 3 months if it hasn't been used.

2.How to switch off the unit?

It will shut off automatically 2.5 minutes after it stops working, you don't need to switch it off manually.

3.Is the unit airline approved? Can I take it on a commercial flight?

The jumpstarter has a less than 100-watt lithium battery built-in. You can take it on some flights. Please check with your airline.

4.What are the best temperatures for storage?

Under normal conditions, you can store our products at a minimum of -40 degrees and a maximum of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

5.Does it have UL certification?

No, but with RoHS FC CE certification.

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