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Dexter - Oct 26 2022

Why Having An RV Surge Protector Is Important

When you buy an RV, the dealer most likely tried selling you the extended warranty package, am I right? A great way to get the electrical protection you need for all your expensive electronic equipment in the RV is to get an RV surge protector.

What is an RV Surge Protector?

When you connect your RV to a power source—like shore power at an RV park—you expect the right amount of electrical power to come out of the outlet and for it to be wired up correctly.

A strange outlet can have numerous problems, though. It could be wired up incorrectly, which could cause problems on your rig. It could be prone to power surges or the voltage could be too low. All of these things can wreak havoc on your RV’s electrical system and even fry your electronics.

A surge protector is designed to protect your RV’s electronics from issues that stem from the outlet you plug into. An outlet that seems fine could suddenly provide a huge surge of electricity, like in the event of a lightning strike. It’s better to be smart and get yourself a surge protector than it is to get stuck with an RV with fried electronics.

What Kind of Surge Protectors Are Out There?

There are two types of surge protectors. The first is a simple surge protector the other is an electrical management system. While they do different things, they have the same purpose. They keep your RV’s electronics safe.

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What Kind of Surge Protectors Are Out There?

With the JF.EGWO RV Surge Protector 30 A, you can prevent such damage. This portable surge protector identifies faulty power and conveniently analyzes circuits to verify pedestal power. Features convenient Easy-T-Pull plug handles, plus it's equipped with LED indicators that illuminate to show power status. Tests for and indicates open ground, open neutral, and correct polarity.

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Rating: 30A / 125V /3750W
Operating Temperatures: -40C to + 110C,
3.55-inch LED Screen,
IP67 Rating Waterproof Cover,
 Surge Protection: 3-Mode/ 4100J/ 100000Amp,
5-Years Free Warranty

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