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Our Story

Where did our innovative jump starters come from? 

Our innovative jump starters originated from a night over 20 years ago when our founder, Yolanda, found herself stranded due to a dead car battery, feeling helpless. Fortunately, a kind stranger passing by came to the rescue, using a bulky jump starter to get the car running again. This incident ignited inspiration. Clearly, this could happen to any driver on the road. And behind each driver, there is a family.

So, can there be a jump starter compact enough to be kept in a vehicle and easy to use? Not only that, but one that can handle it all, so you never need to worry about other safety issues?

She devised a solution. The R&D team then equipped the jump starter with lithium-ion batteries, making it compact enough to hold in one hand. And with an air compressor and 3-mode flashlights built in, the all-in-one jump starter can inflate flat tires and send out SOS signals in the dark wilderness. As a result, our products have gained wide recognition as "the best compact jump starters." To date, over 500,000 users have chosen us.

Now, we're taking it even further. We've expanded our product range, ensuring even greater safety, longer standby time, larger screens, faster charging, and an improved user experience. And returning to the story, it all began with that night 20 years ago and Yolanda's original belief in keeping every driver safe on their journeys, to and from home.


Protect your road trip 

The JF.EWGO starters have expanded into an incredible range of utility products for vehicle owners that includes an efficient and safe all-in-one jump starter with air compressor, powerful jump starter, rv surge protectors and more! 

This is where you tell the story of your brand. Iconic brands such as Disney and Coca-Cola have long realized the power of their brand story to build a connection with their audience. Companies like Apple possess brand stories that are legendary in their status.

Our new products are focused on more powerful jump start functions such as F40, effortlessly getting your vehicle up and running! 

Looking Forward

More Powerful & More Easier

JF.EWGO is eager to continue our 16 year history with the goal of making electrical and automotive maintenance easier and easier, for more and more motorists. 

Making sure everyone on the road can get home safely and reliably is the JF.EWGO mission! 

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