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  • EGO POWER LLC, 8 THE GREEN, STE A,                   DOVER Delaware 19901, USA
  • +1 626-418-3580
  • business@jfegwo.com

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JF.EGWO is a globally electrical manufacturing company with over 15 years' experience in the industry since 2006. We specialise in power products including lithium battery, jump starter, portable power station, power strip, power bank, etc. In hopes of providing people with effetive power solutions, we engage in every stage in the whole manufacturing process from idea, design, development, refinement, and production.

Best Wholesale Price

We offer very low wholesale prices for each distributor, depending on your order, and we can offer as low as 70% OFF.

Faster Shipping

We have local warehouses in many countries, which means that your customers will receive the goods within 3 days and we guarantee free shipping.

1 Year Warranty

We offer a 1-year warranty on all of our products, so you can sell them to your customers with confidence.

Credit Guarantee

We will protect your and your customers' user information, guarantee your sales rights, and find only one partner in one region.

Expert Team

We will provide a team of experts to solve your professional problems and provide you with free product peixun skills training.

7*24 H Service

We provide customer service for your customers and solve after-sales problems for you.