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4 Jump Startars Comparison

Price$ 89.99 99.99 129.99 199.99
Amperage 1000 AMPS 2000 AMPS 3000 AMPS 4000 AMPS
Used to Start passenger cars passenger cars passenger cars All kinds of passenger cars, and 12V trucks
Gasoline Engines Up to 7L Up to 8L Up to 9.0L Up to 10L and Plus
Diesel Engines Up to 4L Up to 6L Up to 8.5L Up to 10L and Plus
Style of Air Compressor Analog Display Analog Display Digital LCD Dispaly Digital LCD Dispaly
Inflator Range 100PSI 100PSI 150PSI 150PSI
Voltage 12 Volts 12 Volts 12 Volts 12 Volts
Wattage 54 watts 72 watts  86.4 watts 100.8 watts
Preset Rated and Auto-off
Inflate with car adaptor
length of the Car Adaptor 5.9 foot 5.9 foot 5.9 foot 13.12 foot
Battery Capacity 15000mah 20000mAh 24000mAh 28000mAh
Input              Charger time 4H 4.5H 5H 5.5H
Store Case Shoulder Bag Shoulder Bag Shoulder Bag EVA Protection Case
Item Weight 2.6 pounds 2.8 pounds 2.87 pounds 3.1 pounds
Product Dimensions 6*5*3 inch
Doulble LED Flashlights
2 USB Charging Ports 1A/2A
Stainless Steel + Brass Wire Brush(Gift)
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