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Welcome to the JF.EGWO
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Established in 2006, JF.EGWO is now a global electrical manufacturing company with over 17 years of experience in this field. JF.EGWO designs and creates efficient and safe jump starters. We offer various affiliate programs that makes it easy to gain commission on sales. We are actively seeking outdoorsy, ecological and creative partners to join our affiliate programs.

Why Choosing JF.EGWO?



30-Day Cookie Duration



10% Flat-Rate Commission



Our average order

because It's A trusted brand


because It's A easy and sane affiliate system


because It's easy and quick To make money

How Do I Start?

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Tim Robinson

One Of The Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

I used to earn from micro tasks and surveys during my school days. It was fun to make money while messing with smartphones.
In 2020 I decided to go with Affiliate Marketing because I knew it was the one I was looking for, and it’s easy and free to start. So, I started learning more and implementing the methods while participating JF.EGWO Affiliate Program. Great products; Zero cost; Making money in my sleep. After around a week, I got my first sale of $22. I’m a full-time affiliate marketer and aim to reach $10k a month by the end of 2022.

Hedy Gallacher

No More Worrying About Not Receiving Commissions

I’ve been in the Affiliate Marketing business for five years. There are many painful experiences, False advertising, Withdrawal of commissions is difficult or even non-existent, etc.
I am so grateful to have joined the JF.EGWO Affiliate Program, which is safe and integrity. I got benefits from each order with a high rate of commission. And I am extremely good at what I do, and my family lives comfortably off my salary and the other conveniences of business ownership.

Lewis Carter

I’m A YouTuber And a Big Fan Of JF.EGWO

I have been traveling extensively and was not getting enough time to edit my videos. During the lockdown period, I received an excellent jump starter from JF.EGWO. That impressed me and helped me from a dead battery and flat tire conditions.
Recently, I joined the JF.EGWO Affiliate Program to share it with my followers and express appreciation. I don’t have to sell, close, fulfill, create and maintain offers, service clients or customers, and more. It just makes me feel good!! Thank you, JF.EGWO.

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